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Who We Are: The Trent Hill Center Story

The Trent Hill Center for Children & Families is the brainchild of Scottie Hill, a Hartsville native who, after working in New York for 13 years, returned to her hometown to raise her family. Upon returning, her role in the field of social work brought to her attention the disparate statistics plaguing the state’s foster care system. One report in 2014 stated that 15,000 children and youth in South Carolina were victims of abuse and neglect. Trent Hill Center was founded in 2015 to combat the reality indicated by this statistic.

Over the next four years, the Center grew from a hopeful idea to a tangible entity. In 2018, the Center’s Board of Directors approved the purchase of the house and accompanying lot at 522 W. Bobo Newsom Highway. After undergoing a slew of renovations and updates, the Bell House opened later that year as theCenter’s first residential building with room for 13 residents. The following year, what was formerly a three-car garage tucked adjacently behind the Bell House was converted into an office building. It now functions as the administrative headquarters and mental health counseling center for the Center.

Today, this property is a bustling nexus of love and opportunity made possible by the dedication and vision of the Center’s founder, the commitment of a small but mighty staff and board, and the backing of numerous companies, churches, civic organizations, and individual donors within the community-at-large.

In three years time, Trent Hill Center has already begun expanding beyond the original premises at 522 W. Bobo Newsom. In 2021, the board approved the purchase of an additional building at 513 E.Carolina Avenue, just under four miles from the group home and administrative offices. This property, which consists of one apartment building, divided into four apartments, and one additional cottage separate from the main building, will house residents who have been accepted into Trent Hill Center’s SupervisedIndependent Living program.

The Trent Hill Center for Children & Families is named for the founder's father, F. Trent Hill, Jr., who passed away in December 2012 due to frontotemporal degeneration, a rare degenerative brain disease. Trent was a well-respected and accomplished finance professional, church member and trustee, active community member, husband, father, son and brother. He was bright, wise, kind, and just.His love for children and generous spirit led him to open his doors to many local children in need of guidance, acceptance, monetary support and love. The Trent Hill Center is an embodiment of Trent Hill’s legacy that functions to honor him and serve the community he so loved.

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Our Vision: Every child and every family will be valued, encouraged, and welcomed in their safe, stable communities.