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Become a Mentor

Offering Encouragement Through Friendship

Mentorships are one of the best and most direct ways you can make an impact on the life of a Trent Hill Center resident. Our mentorship program forges a path for lasting relationships between residents in need of a reliable, caring, safe adult outside of their daily routine and individuals within the community who are willing to share their time and friendship with a youth resident in our care. Mentors often introduce their mentees to favorite hobbies, share meals together and offer experiential life advice to their younger counterparts. The opportunities for mentorships are endless!

If you’d like to know more, click here to fill out our volunteer form and choose “mentoring” under volunteer opportunities. We’ll be in touch to follow up with you!

“I think it’s important that these kids get to see that adults can be dependable, that they can be non-judgemental, that they can be supportive.”- Missy Cummings, THC Mentor & Volunteer

Our Vision: Every child and every family will be valued, encouraged, and welcomed in their safe, stable communities.