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THCTestimony: Steven

June 27, 2022

Steven came to THC because of a physical incident between he and his mother’s boyfriend, coupled with other instances of physical abuse he’d witnessed in the home. Prior to coming to THC, he had been in four different foster care placements across the eastern coast.

Like many youth who have experienced trauma, he was angry at anything and everything. He once described his anger as “explosive” and acknowledged that he had been both the bully and the bullied in school.

When he came into our care, he was reluctant to form relationships and admitted to a tendency to disrespect authority figures. However, in the six months that Steven was in our care, he warmed up to THC staff, residents, and mentors. He laughed, played, adventured around Kalmia Gardens, and found comfort in writing music lyrics and shooting hoops on our new basketball court.

When Steven left THC to be reunited with his mom, he doled out big hugs to several staff members and expressed how grateful he was for the quality of care he received while living here. In just a short period of time, we watched him evolve into a gentler, more gracious, and generally happier teenager–all a result of giving him the love and support he needed to experience thriving, healing, and community.

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