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#THCTestimony: Kevin

This #THCTestimony is from a teacher at Hartsville High School who emailed our Residential Services Director to share good news about Kevin, one of our group home residents.

She writes “Not only is he extremely bright, knowledgeable, and hard-working, but it is his kindness towards his peers that makes him stand out and impresses me the most. Kevin is always looking to help his peers with special needs. He asks daily to assist them and is so patient and compassionate; he warms my heart with his kindness each day.”

Kevin is an energetic, eager teenager who is experiencing the joys of just being a teenager at Trent Hill Center–many of which he’d not experienced before. When he came into our care, he had a tendency to eat everything in sight. He also had a screwdriver in his possession, which he explained was used to open the locked cabinets at his aunt’s house where she kept food. Now that Kevin doesn’t have to conduct a full-scale operation to grab a granola bar, he’s able to spend his time concentrating on other things–like polishing up his computer skills and dedicating more attention to his academics.

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