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#THCTestimony: Going the Extra Mile for Devon

Devon and his two younger sisters were placed in foster care due to abuse by their adoptive father. As is often the case, the three were separated–he wound up in Hartsville, while his sisters were placed in Kingstree, just over an hour away. For nearly two years, they lived apart from each other as they dealt with the pain of abuse and the adjustment of being in foster care.

Although THC welcomed Devon with open arms, he struggled with feelings of loneliness and isolation that stemmed from separation from his sisters. On top of that, the type of abuse he experienced in his adoptive home created a serious fear of needles, so he dreaded trips to the doctor. Over time, though, Devon understood that the staff at THC always considered his health and well-being a top priority–whether that meant offering a comforting hand to hold during his doctors’ appointments or making good on promises that he would be able to visit with his sisters, which always lifted his spirits.

Despite the fact that his sisters lived more than an hour away, THC staff always included them in group activities, when possible. During the summer, THC staff would frequently drive to Kingstree, pick up the sisters, bring them to THC, and then load up the entire group home for a trip to Carowinds, Myrtle Beach, or the like. Other times, THC staff would meet the sisters’ guardian in the middle, and the three would catch up over a meal together.

Regardless of where they were, or what they were doing, the time that Devon spent with his sisters was time well spent. The innumerable visits, meet-ups, and outings required considerable coordination on behalf of THC, but their impact on Devon’s attitude and outlook on life was priceless.

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