The Trent Hill Center for Children and Families

Our Location - The Bell House

The Trent Hill Center for Children and Families’ Bell House is located at 522 W. Bobo Newsom Highway in Hartsville, S.C.

The house offers space for thirteen children, and sits on a large property with a covered picnic area and walkway and huge yard and play space for children. We currently lease the property from House of Hope, a nonprofit organization in Florence, S.C. that services homeless individuals and families.

The home is called the Bell House. It is named for the family of William Bell, who donated the house to House of Hope after his death.

There is also an approximately 2,000 square feet garage behind the house that we hope to use for additional counseling, living, and service space when we raise the funds to do so!

We are so grateful to House of Hope and the family of William Bell for providing us with such a beautiful and useful space!

512 W. Bobo Newsom Highway

The Trent Hill Center for Children and Families’ administrative office is located at 512 W. Bobo Newsom Highway, next door to Bell House. This space houses administrative offices, meeting space, family visitation space, and donation drop-off. Parking for the Center is also located here.

  • The large backyard of the Bell House
  • The Bell House exterior
  • Bell House Entryway
Bell House Arial View