The Trent Hill Center for Children and Families

Bell House Residential Care

The Trent Hill Center for Children and Families’ (THC) Bell House is a group home for children and youth who have been removed from their homes due to abuse and neglect and need a loving, stable home in which to live until they can be safely reunited with their families, or placed in a permanent family foster care home or adoptive home. THC gives housing priority to Darlington County children, in an effort to keep children close to their homes, families, schools, churches, and communities.

As a Level 1 Group Care facility, THC Bell House will provide emergency shelter and temporary foster care placement to male and female children ages 0 to 21. THC Bell House will provide a safe and loving home where children’s developmental, physical, social, emotional, educational, intellectual, and spiritual needs can be met as they await reunification with their families.

Provided the child meets Level 1 criteria, THC will evaluate each child’s goodness of fit with THC taking into consideration the child’s needs, THC’s current staffing, the composition of other children living at THC, whether or not the placement would permit the child to remain close to home, whether or not the placement would permit siblings to remain together, and other factors. This could include children or youth from the child welfare system, children or youth who have been victims of human trafficking, children or youth who are pregnant or parenting, children or youth who are transitioning from a more intensive setting, and unaccompanied alien children.

At this time, THC is not wheelchair accessible, and is not able to accept and adequately take care of children and youth in wheelchairs. THC is also not equipped to accept children and youth who are abusing substances, have severe and persistent mental illness, or who engage in criminal behaviors.

THC Bell House provides the following services:

  • Houses children who have been abused, neglected, abandoned, or are homeless;
  • Partners with their families, Darlington County DSS, and other community-based agencies to create a family-centered plan for safe and healthy reunification;
  • Offers counseling, case management, advocacy, service coordination, and information and referrals services to children and families; and
  • Proactively seeks to build a system of support around each and every family that enters THC to follow them back into the community.

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The large backyard of the Bell House
Welcoming kitchen art
Bell House exterior sign
The large backyard of the Bell House

Family Services

Unless family visitation is specifically prohibited by a court order or other legal document, THC will make every effort to engage family members in care planning and decision-making, visitation and communication, and program activities. THC will have an open-door policy for family visitation, permitting family members to spend as much time with children/youth as possible (up until 7p each day). An open door visitation policy also permits opportunity for THC to function as a live, interactive learning lab in which family members participate in daily activities with children and staff, and, while doing so, observe, try, and learn parenting skills, behavior management techniques, healthy living concepts, and other knowledge, skills, and values necessary for safe and healthy reunification.

THC shall also provide services to family members by asking family members directly about their own needs, their ideas and resources for family reunification, helping with concrete services, such as transportation, when feasible, and helping them better understand and rectify problems that led to separation of the child/youth from the home.

Kids playing at the Bell House
Kids playing at the Bell House
Kids doing crafts

Preventative Services

Information coming soon!