The Trent Hill Center for Children and Families

Second Chances Resale Shop

Second Chances is a nonprofit resale store operated by Trent Hill Center for Children and Families, a children's home for abused, neglected, and abandoned youth. Second Chances accepts donations and sells them for a fraction of the retail price. But, resale is not the only thing we do!

The purpose of Second Chances is to generate revenue to help sustain the Trent Hill Center for Children and Families. When you shop at Second Chances, you make a direct contribution to meeting youth's basic needs for a safe home, food, utilities, medicine, and education--the foundation for a youth to grow, develop, and thrive.

What is new to you is a second chance for a child.

  • Second Chances is a nonprofit resale store

Call for Donations

Second Chances depend upon donations from community members to ensure we have a steady flow of inventory.

Please consider donating:

  • Home décor and furniture
  • Sporting goods
  • Appliances and electronics
  • Vintage/antique items
  • Wall pictures
  • Books
  • Toys
  • Clothing/Shoes
  • Accessories
  • Baby supplies
  • Tools
  • Electronics

Drop Off

Drop off your donations at Second Chances, 512 W. Bobo Newsom Highway, Hartsville.

We accept donations Tuesday-Saturday, 10-6. Questions? Contact Scottie Hill at 843-309-5502.

How We Use Donations

Upon receipt of donations to Second Chances or Trent Hill Center, we sort the donations. We consider the following things when sorting donations:

  1. Could any of the donations be used by youth living at the Trent Hill Center? If so, these donations are pulled out to determine if they can be used by a current youth resident. If so, the item(s) are given to the youth resident for their use. Sometimes community members donate clothing and shoes that are needed by and fit one of our youth residents.
  2. Could any of the donations be used in the Trent Hill Center’s Bell House? For example, a refrigerator was recently donated. We explained to the donor that we planned to use it in the house because we needed extra storage space for food.
  3. Would any of the donations meet a dire need of another local nonprofit agency? For example, we might get a lot of school supplies for younger children. We rarely house younger children so could not use them. We prefer not to sell new school supplies in the resale shop because so many local children are in need and could use them. In this case, we would reach out to another local nonprofit agency who distributes school supplies to children in need and offer the supplies to that agency. We do the same with diapers and infant formula.
  4. Any donations that do not meet any of the needs described above are put up for sale in Second Chances.
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