Our Services

Mental Health Counseling

Caring for Emotional Health

In 2019, Trent Hill Center added on-site mental health counseling to our service umbrella. These services are available to residents and their families, as well as community clients. Trent Hill Center employs licensed mental health professionals trained in trauma-informed care and contracts with a psychiatric nurse practitioner, who makes site visits regularly. Counseling services are available to all Trent Hill Center residents, as well as to community clients.

For Residents & Their Families

Through our counseling center, Trent Hill Center provides individual as well as family counseling services to youth residents and their family members. Family counseling services are rendered in order to help improve familial communication and relationships and to foster family reunification, when this is a viable option. Support groups, which are available to Bell House and Independent Living Program residents, are an additional component of the Center’s mental health counseling services.

For the Community

Trent Hill Center’s mental health counseling services are open to the community by way of referral or direct inquiry. Specific services offered through this program include mental health and behavioral screenings, addictions counseling, crisis intervention, and family preservation and reunification services. Our on-site counselor has certifications in addictions counseling and trauma-focused cognitive behavior therapy, among other qualifications. While not a comprehensive list, individuals and families from the community may seek out counseling related to any of the following areas: working through the stress of parenting, coming to terms with major life events, dealing with death and loss, coping with stressful events and trauma, resolving drug and alcohol abuse, or strengthening existing family relationships. All counseling services are confidential. Our counseling center accepts several forms of payment, including health insurance or self-pay on a sliding fee scale.

“Anyone who needs us is who we’re here to serve.”- Nedra Jeffords, THC Mental Health Counselor

Our Vision: Every child and every family will be valued, encouraged, and welcomed in their safe, stable communities.